By the installation of this system on tables and platforms goods can be perfectly showcased even in the smallest of spaces.

This flexible spot system allows a host of applications on the sales floor through plain bars, wooden and glass shelves as well as frontal / stepped arms. The adjustment of height is possible at any time without the need of tools.

In the World of Running (Thier-Galerie Dortmund), the aim was to give the product presentation more dynamism and passion to reflect the company's philosophy of Runners Point even better.

Slide 6/8 Typ 3 
Change and Slide – In this versatile mounted system various elements and materials can be inserted. Due to exchangeable wall panels it is possible to realize a variable wall structure and a flexible use of diverse decors.

Unobstrusive visual appearance and plenty of design freedom – EASY MINI is optically restrained and puts the product in the spotlight.

Through an optional one-sided or two-sided slot, the 18mm profile looks elegant in front of every wall - depending on the mounting direction, the slot becomes invisible.